$ 4,350

Unearth the true treasure of creating uniquely meaningful moments, anywhere and anytime. The Fawcett can unlock anticipation, excitement, and elegance—all at your fingertips. More than a hand-crafted piece of fine jewelry, this pendant is a uniquely identifiable key that will unlock a personalized surprise hidden somewhere in the world.

Here's how it works:
Included with every Keyrious pendant is access to a hidden compartment somewhere in the world. Select a service level and activate the reveal of a surprise whenever the time is right for you. Whether it’s by following a do-it-yourself template or engaging our creative team in an extravagant production, Keyrious makes it fun and easy to create a meaningful experience for your loved one.

Service Level Options:
Do-It-Yourself Tips: Upon purchase, you will immediately be given access to a series of surprise design templates and tips to help you create a truly memorable reveal.
Concierge Support: Upon purchase you will be assigned a personal concierge. They will ask some questions to learn about the person you plan to surprise and combine your insight with the best ideas of our talented creative team to craft a personalized treasure hunt for you.
On-The-Ground Assistance: Our creative team will manage your reveal from start to finish by planting the clues, organizing the reveal, and making it personally meaningful to you.
Deluxe Surprise Orchestration: Expect the unexpected as we unveil our most extravagant production. No expense is spared as we utilize the best actors, set design, and choreographed experience for you.

What will the key lead to?
Every key unlocks a unique surprise. If you don’t know what you’d like to reveal yet, your concierge can help you choose what's right for you from a curated list of unique experiences. If you already have a surprise in mind, we're here to help you design the perfect reveal whenever the time is right.

With Keyrious, each holiday, anniversary, and birthday could be the beginning of a new adventure and the creation of a lifelong memory.

- 1.75" fine jewelry pendant
- 2 VS F+ 2.5mm princess cut diamonds
- 10 VS F+ 1mm round diamonds
- 18" diamond cut chain
- Hand-crafted locally in San Francisco
- Ethically sourced materials
- Your choice of Surprise Design Service