Each Keyrious key is the start of a journey to discover where it will lead.



What is included when I purchase a Keyrious pendant?
Included with the purchase of every Keyrious pendant is a turnkey surprise planning service. Our talented creative team will combine your insight with our experience design expertise to craft a memorable personalized treasure hunt. 

Is the technology in all of the keys the same?
The technology is the same, but each key is uniquely identifiable and can be used to open additional surprises time and time again.


How does the surprise planning process work?
 Upon purchase you'll be contacted by your personal concierge. They will get to know you and the person you plan surprise, and work with our creative team to design the ideal treasure hunt for the occasion. 

Does the reveal experience vary by key? 
 The same one-on-one concierge service is included in the price of each key, regardless of price point.

What is the timing from start to finish? 
It is up to you how long you’d like the reveal to last. Some like to create a fast-paced treasure hunt all in one day, and others prefer to reveal clues throughout the course of a year. Your concierge will help you decide what is right for you.


What does each key unlock? 
Each key unlocks a unique surprise. If you already have a surprise in mind, Keyrious will help you design the perfect reveal. If you don’t know what you’d like to reveal yet, our concierge will help you choose from the hundreds of unique experiences we offer. You can explore some of them on our Surprises page.

Can I speak with a concierge before purchase? 
Of course! You can contact us at concierge@keyrious.com and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If your inquiry requires a call, we will set up a time.