Each Keyrious key will unlock a unique surprise. 

Imagine a trip to the Galapagos on board the National Geographic Endeavor, heli-skiing with an Olympian, enjoying a private meal for two by a famous chef, or embarking on an apprenticeship with a wine or chocolate maker, all unlocked by a beautiful Keyrious pendant.

Not sure what to reveal? Our creative team can recommend the perfect gift based on your preferences. Looking for inspiration? Choose from hundreds of exclusive experiences we've curated just for you.

There is more to life than things; real value lies in the extra thought that is put into a gift, the journey to discovery, and the sharing of memories.

Where will your key lead?

Theater Hot Air Balloon
over the Grand Canyon Geographic
Wine Tasting Private Chef Trip to Florence,
Shark Diving Antarctica
Heli-Ski Adventure African Safari
Tuscan Cooking
Classes Hillside Supper
Club Cabo
Barrel Aging
Cocktail Lesson National
Geographic Orion Expedition to Antarctica Borrow a Complete
Look from a Fashion Designer
Skating Lessons
with an Olympian Makeover with a
Pro Private Dining
Private Golfing Argentina
Adventure Private Gemology
Experience Crosstraining with
a Pro Hot Air Balloon
over Napa
All 8 of the
Tallest Peaks in Nepal Combat Dog
Fighting Experience Surf with a Pro
Private Sushi
Lessons Make A Restaurant
Private For You Sea Plane
Adventure over San Francisco